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POWER - Protein Builder & Hormone Regulation

POWER - Protein Builder & Hormone Regulation

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Much more than just a work-out must, POWER answers the depletion of daily life.

Compromised food quality combined with more conscious meat-consumption means our modern-bodies struggle big time to source the right amino acids they need for the essential repair and build muscle, tissues and cells. 

Not to are missing meals, have no time to cook or always on-the-go, you are working your system over-time without giving it the fuel to keep going, let alone repair the daily damage. 

Hello Depletion, Fatigue and (eventually) chronic sickness.

This is why we created a protein that does more, providing your body with the building blocks for all functions, as well as answering one of the most chronic struggles of our modern society - hormone imbalance and depletion. 

The not-to-secret culprit for weight-gain and fertility struggles. 


  • 8 core Amino Acids - The building blocks for protein in perfect combination to replenish the body's protein needs
  • Geranylgeraniol aka GG (our secret weapon) - when synergised with amino acids, GG regulates hormones through balancing Testosterone and Progesterone and creating CoQ10 & K2
  • Organic Vanilla & Cacao - Amazing Anti-oxidants and gentle mineralization
  • Over 98% Utilization Rate - At least 5x the next best protein powder, this utilization means that Power is actually turning into protein in the body.

Far more than pre-post work-out, this is like a best-friend you throw in your bag, to take when you’ve skipped breakfast, hit an afternoon dip or for hungry moments when junk food used to be the only answer. 


  • Facilitates Most Efficient Protein Production
  • Super Recovery from Workouts
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Heart + Mitochondria Health
  • Muscle & Bone Support
  • Superpower for Endurance Athletes
  • Extra Fuel for Breastfeeding and New Mums

100% Money Back Guarantee - If you aren't feeling amazing from this bundle send it back and we will refund you no problem! :)

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